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Our working lives are undergoing a radical transformation: new forms of collaboration, digital technologies and changing expectations of both employers and employees are replacing the traditional 9-to-5 job with lifelong employment in a single position. Consequently, our daily lives are undergoing similar transformations: new freedoms and more flexibility are accompanied by increased insecurity with less ability for long-term planning. New workstyles.

We want to find out: What does the future of work really look like?  While exploring this question we are focusing on the increasing number of self-employed individuals and crowd workers. What new types of self-employed work exist today, and what developing trends can we identify? Which changes are a result of the freelancer’s desires, and which stem from changing expectations of employers or clients? What spaces are opening up as a result of new technical possibilities offered by digitalisation and the platform economy?

To explore this, we are visiting with freelancers, solopreneurs and crowd-workers all over Europe. We are having conversations with people who are telling us about their work and their lives – in Frankfurt or Berlin, as well as in Lisbon, Amsterdam or Budapest. We will report on their work and their lives: the difficulties they are faced with today and their hopes for the future. We ask where they see opportunities in new forms of work and what they feel is cause for concern. These portraits, and the daily lives of the individuals we interview, form the core of our blog WORKSTYLES



Stefanie Bathen has been self-employed since 2014. She works as a consultant for businesses and employees, specializing on the topic of work ability. Her core focus addresses the question of what determines good and healthy work. How can work be designed so that it suits the person doing it and motivation is maintained – without burning out?

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Ingo Rütten, together with freelancers from all over Germany, builds teams that work together on customer projects: from brand identity development to corporate designs or campaigns, brochures, and corporate films. His core question: how do freelancers want to work in the future and what do they require in order to achieve optimal results when collaborating virtually?

He is the founder of Agentur Zielwerk in Frankfurt:

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