#9 How to ensure your agency team is ready for the future?

10 key questions from the Agency Barcamp in Frankfurt

At the first ever Agency Barcamp focusing on the topic of New Work, which took place in Frankfurt in early May, approximately 50 agency managers engaged in discussions on the meaning of New Work. What questions do agency owners and HR people have about this topic? We summarize below.

 At centre stage is the person, not the service. That is the key message Julia von Winterfeldt (http://www.soulworx.de/) leaves her listeners with at the end of an inspiring keynote speech. It was a good start with which to continue the discussion about new types of work in the 20 or so forums which followed. The idea was to collect different experiences, for example about the meaning of New Work and what types of demands, challenges and opportunities are emerging for agencies.

Julia von Winterfeldt with her focus on “new work”.

The conclusion: all the attending agency doers understand the importance of the topic and are working on making their agencies even more focused on meeting the needs of present and future employees. There is (as of yet) no one recipe for success that is agreed upon by all. The agencies of Germany are at the beginning of a long journey and are still collecting experiences.

A lot of topics around “new work” are important for the agencies.

The agency-check

Because this is the case, we have decided to summarize the most important questions here, as a stimulus. To be used as a base on which to conduct discussions in your agency and your team. And, also as a to-do list for us, ensuring that we touch on these questions as we continue the blog.

  1. What does New Work mean to us? Is it limited to personnel recruitment? Or is it something more?
  2. Are we using sensible tools and processes that are truly able to relieve the team’s load? What would be useful – and what is unnecessary ballast?
  3. How can we utilize the potential of all age groups within our team ideally? What about trying out “Reverse Coaching” of experienced employees by new recruits?
  4. Can cross-functional tasks increase the assumption of responsibility by our employees?
  5. How will we define the success of our New Work measures? (How) will we measure the return-on-investment?
  6. What core values connect our employees, external experts and home-office workers, making them a team?
  7. Do our employees understand the goals set by management? Are they permitted to decide independently on how these goals are best achieved?
  8. Are we prepared to accept the risks inherent in making changes? Are we prepared to relinquish control? Are we able to trust?
  9. How much time in-office is an absolute minimum? Now – and in 10 years. Why?
  10. Are the employees and team members really doing what they like doing?

Have you already found answers to these questions for yourself? We are excited to hear about your success stories. Write us an email at info@workstyles.de

Additional Agency Camps will be taking place in various German cities. They are a good opportunity to engage in dialogue with other agency doers: https://dasagenturcamp.de/

The “Agentur Camp” will be in 3 other german cities in 2017.

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